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August 2012

SJ is in a comedy trio with Yon from Tripod and Nao from..well too much to mention…. Starts NEXT WEDNESDAY 29TH AUGUST!!! BOOK NOW!

Here’s the official presser:

Yon (from Tripod) in MANDADDY
No, Tripod aren’t splitting up, Yon just wants to speak by himself for 5 freaking minutes!
Having spent 20 years in award-winning comedy trio Tripod, Yon has collaborated with writer-director Fiona Scott-Norman to pen a squirm- inducing truthfest called Mandaddy. Yon, sharing the stage with musicians Naomune Anzai (Toys of Noise) and SJ Wentzki (Princess One Point Five), takes us on a dark, electronic, cabaret excursion that rages through the stages of love, marriage, depression, and wishing you could divorce your children
29 August – 16 Sept
Wed – Sat 7.30pm (6.30pm Sun)
Chapel Off Chapel 12 Little Chapel St, Prahran

January 2012

New year, new songs, new gigs.

First up, at the Empress with Beatrice. It’s SJ’s birthday drinks too- come one, come all, have a cider

Facebook Invite

See you there.




This one is brief…. It’s been a massive year. A massive two years actually. And as this one draws mercifully to a close, P1.5 have one last show for the foreseeable future.

That’s correct.

The foreseeable future.

There are many many gigs on this cup “weekend”, but we hope you will come to see ours.

The Empress, with Oh Deanna and Georgia Fields. Monday 31st October. Cup Eve. $10 entry. First 20 get a 7inch.

To infinity and beyond!

The Facebook event here



False Spring, Fringe and….

Yup. Melbourne dunnit again. Just when you’d packed up all the winter clothes, she turns all chilly and melancholy again.  Oh well, on the up side, it makes hot strudel (or insert favorite dessert here)  in front of a DVD under the doona seem totally justified.


Soooo, for those of you who don’t know, SJ has been rehearsing for  a very veeeeery  un-Princess One Point Five show for Fringe. And this is despite promising herself never to do another Fringe show after the last disastrous effort in 2005…. Anyhoo- the point is, it’s been swell doing someone else’s show, but the swelling has well and truly gone down, and the lady is super excited about this weekend being aaaaaall about P1.5, playing P1.5 songs (you don’t realise what a luxury it is to play your own songs until you don’t for a while, let me tell you!) and – this is the exciting festive part- the fact that we’re supporting  Celadore’s single launch.  Hooooraaaaay!!

Celadore are a super cute newish indie rock band and they’ve been launching the lead single from their forthcoming full length album… the Melbourne installment is on at the Grace Darling. It’s a full band show for us and all in all it’s all rather exciting. Extremely rock and roll.

Saturday night at the Grace Darling. Do it, you know you wanna.We’re on at 10

More about the Fringe show later… that’s a whole other post.


HERE is the Facebook invite- if you haven’t already, “like” and “poke” to your hearts content. Oooh. Cheeky.






Ahem …

It has been a little while between posts, and really, we here at P1.5 HQ have no good excuse.

There has been a little of this, a little of that- Mostly we’ve been finalizing a new partnership with a French publisher (rather exciting!) and writing some new tunes. Spring has well and truly sprung here in Melbs, and we have a show coming up. We have been taking it a little easier lately in regards to shows, post album tour, since SJ has had a brief foray into the Theatre and Richard has been working on a few new musical projects, along side his work in Black Cab and Underground Lovers…

No matter- on the 24th September, we will be supporting the adorable Celadore for their Melbourne single launch at the stunning Grace Darling hotel.

This is them:

And to find out a little more  :

That’s kind of all for today folks…promise to update more often… and we really mean it this time….  PROMISE!!!!



May 2011

Clearly SJ has had a blonde moment- P1.5 is playing with Crow in June (the 4th to be exact).

Not July.


Please do come down to the Old Bar and say hello, it will be a rip snorter, as they say.

Meanwhile, the band have been busy writing a couple of new tracks for a sample slash best of, potentially to be “released” later this year. We’re currently negotiating an overseas release and some nifty publishing possibilities.

All rather hush hush at this stage, but don’t be surprised if we nick off to Europe early next year.


Apart from that- Richard is fine tuning his solo opus… it’s rather spunky so far and should be finished, also, later on this year. SJ has been a canvas in an experimental student short, and Ben is currently trekking about overseas, doing healthy person stuff like hiking and bike riding and such.

Well, that’s all the news for now- keep an eye on the gigs page for more shows and interesting events in the near future.

If you’re not a friend on Facebook yet, check it out via the link over yonder on the right hand side of this here page.

Til then.


April 2011

Weeeeeeeeeelll… it has certainly been a long time between posts and in our defense…
I got nuthin.

What can I say? Post album launch tour we pretty well went straight back into work- with the exception of a sojourn into theater, Richard and I have been working on new material and pretending to hold down our day jobs. And watching lots and lots of tele. Not real tele since we haven’t any reception, but DVD. Personal life fulfilling moments have been the moment season 4 of Mad Men came out on DVD, and discovering Misfits.

I heart Misfits- mostly because I was expecting to hate it.


So, it’s starting to get chilly out there, but if you can drag yourself out  we’ve got a show coming up in July with Crow at the Old Bar (see the gigs page), it’ll be rad. More details as they come to hand.

That’s pretty much it for today- just felt like a rant into the ether, hope you’re all well. Feel free to hit me back with stuff you want to know about P1.5.

Nothing about Richards bra size or whatever, but if you’re curious about us or our work, please do shoot us an email or Facebook us.


February 2011

If you’ve been wondering what P1.5 have been up to lately, well, it’s all rather exciting.

SJ was shortlisted for the APRA Professional Development Awards (go SJ).

Bless APRA, bless them goooood.

In addition to this, she’s been doing herself a bit of acting. Yes. Acting.

In an important theatre work no less- it’s called Rendition of The Soul, and it’s the latest work by Karen Martin, director of the highly acclaimed Women’s Jail Project.

It’s on at Gasworks Arts Park March 1-12 (tickets here) and West Gippsland Performing Arts Centre (ta daaaah) on the 25th March.

It’s some heavy content,  more or less about Human Rights and the eternal struggle against “good” and “evil”…. but well worth coming to see.

Check out the facebook page here

Concurrently, P1.5 will be playing one of their very rare all ages shows at SheppARTon FestvaVault on the 12th March. They’re on from 11pm til midnight, and it’s a 3 piece show, kids, so it’s gonna be LOUD!

More info:

That’s it for today folks, see you real soon!


Firstly- and before I forget- Today has made it onto the JJJ Hottest 100 list. Woo Wooooo!

If you feel so inclined, give us a vote here

Now, where was I?

Riiiight- 2011. Hells yes, it’s a new year and a new decade for that matter!

So far in the Princess One Point Five camp, this has meant a lot of sweet fudge all, bar watchin’ the teev- mostly Breaking Bad and 30 Rock, so don’t be surprised if the words “Yo” and “Bitch”  and “nerds” crop up quite a lot in future posts and spacebook updates.

If your already wagging your little fingers at the excessive box watching and navel gazing,  screaming ” It writes songs now… It does so whenever it is told”, there has actually been a little songwriting going on.

Mostly funny little ringtone experiments in Garageband and some good ol’ rag time bashing away at Betsy May- my poor long suffering upright piano- but there are a few new keepers for the next P1.5 installment sometime in the future.

For the minute we’re taking a bit of a hiatus of sorts, re-grouping, evolving, reforming, changing- Rich is doing some of his own music stuff (solo ditties that are sounding rather good, as well as some high profile shows in Underground Lovers), Ben is presumably still working on the porch for his house, and I am going to be in a play in March.Yup. Theatre. I’m gonna do me some acting.

Currently I’m a bit terrified, but I figure this will pass. I remain hopeful.

This new year shall see quite a few changes happening for the band, with a departure from the “band” vibe and a little more emphasis on the songs, quite a bit of solo work and a slightly different direction both live and in the studio.

Hmmm curiouser and curiouser… More of this later- for now, hope you had a good one over the silly season, and that the new year so far has been super awesome… check out the JJJ page if your feelin it, and here’s to the future eh?

On ya’s!!


Tonight’s the night!

If you’re in Melbourne tonight and you want:

a). great music
b) fine wine
c). Yummy food
and all at a reasonable price and reasonable hour- then look no further!

The Grace Darling on Smith street has really been kicking goals lately, with a fantastic roster of artists, a really proactive approach to live music culture in Melbourne, and basically pulling out all the stops for class and style.

To show just how much we love this new turn (or return to fine form) in performance culture (you remember the days when venues actually liked musicians, right….right?!!) , we’re helping RSVP (aka Ron Peno) and his Return To Senders finish off their month long residency tonight at the Grace, from 9:30.

1st 30 punters through the door get a free P1.5 seven inch. Woot!

If you’re not in the jewel of the South then pass it on to friends who are.

See you then!

Facebook event

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